Red Rose Staffing Services

Red Rose Staffing provides companies with a wide range of staffing services for administrative and business support services for less. Our employees are professionals in the areas of administrative services that are there to help you save time and money, giving you that additional labor for less.

Red Rose Staffing Services serves a wide range of industries behind the scene to help their organizations run smoothly and efficiently. The president of Red Rose Staffing Services saw the need for Virtual Assistants and used her resources to form one of the leading VA services that are affordable and reliable.

Below is a list of industries that we serve.

Healthcare Industry
Our virtual assistants are experts in the healthcare industry. They can help improve your clinical workflows by doing administrative tasks, such as accessing patients’ records, managing the front office, setting patient appointments, patient engagement, etc.
We can help healthcare professionals focus on their core care delivery tasks while our agency focuses on your administrative needs.

Being a solopreneur is not easy when focusing on growing profitability and productivity in handling your business alone. At Red Rose Staffing Services, we can help you grow efficiently by learning your main points and goals. This is done by working with one of our virtual assistants who can help with day-to-day administrative tasks, customer services, etc. This will save you a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees.

Small Business Owners
Small business owners can work with us to sustain their budgets while focusing on their business goals by hiring virtual assistants to improve and develop their business operations and management. Our VAs provide help with daily tasks such as administration, project management, email sorting, scheduling appointments, blogging, social media, etc.

Business Coaches and Consultants
Believe it or not, using a virtual assistant is An Increasingly Popular Option for Consultants & Coaches. While a business coach and consultants support and motivate others, which takes a lot of energy. Many coaches and consultants use virtual assistants to save energy and focus solely on their clients since a VA can handle the business aspects of their services, which frees them to focus more on their clients. They use a virtual assistant to schedule appointments, answer calls, manage marketing and social media, podcast, etc. Red Rose Staffing can help you with your Business Coaching and Consultation business.

Why choose our virtual assistant services
• We are cost-effective, so you can save more and focus on your bigger goals
• You can hire us only when you need our services
• We have high-security and confidentiality protocol
• Save more time to focus on bigger goals